With a love and background in Video & Photography, we found EPIC in 2022

Since then we allowed our craft to speak words and shine in the stories of everyone we work with.

With a Extensive background in Music Production, Media Arts, and Video Editing/Photography it only made sense for me to provide this service for others, and such a service that overlaps all of these skills and needs together for everyday people.

This is what sets us apart, the motto we run by is "If they need it, we will be the ones to get it done".

Even when we are shooting videos we think of its application, the music we can use or outsource with some of the artists we collaborate with, and how we will edit, while this is usually included with the services provide, we still think it is very important to the point where we only feel inclined to make it if it turns out the way YOU envisioned it.

One might ask, "why is that", and to that we say it's the EPIC way, we guarantee that if we work with you, your vision is either going to be as if it is ours, and if you already have it in mind we are going to be excited to deliver it for you, Integrity is our biggest value! So if you see us smiling and enjoying ourselves it is because you are EPIC!